1. Prevent, Cure or Leave it? Enlarged pore & How to Minimize Them

    One of the biggest topics when it comes to beauty is the minimizing of pores. Everyone seems to have a problem with the presence of pores especially on the face, nose and forehead. 

    Genetics play a major role in determining pore size and there is only so much you can do to get rid of it. However, controlling the size of pores should not really be a problem with the number of beauty products such as pore minimizers out there.

    Read more about relationship between genetics & pore sizes:

    It’s the time to say goodbye to your enlarged and clogged pores with the help of these pore minimizers which have been vouched for by leading beauticians.

    Top 4 Pore Minimizer Products

    Olay Total Effects Pore Minimizing Cream: One of the great products that help you reduces your pore size, moisturize and apply SPF to your skin. The cream is known to show instant reduction in pore size and appearance. It is possible to get that beautiful airbrushed look which gives the appearance of much younger skin. It is also oil free which is a great bonus and you can be sure that there will be no problem of blocked pores. More than 80% of women who had used this product were completely satisfied with it and we would definitely recommend it without a second thought.

    Kehl’s Micro Blur Skin Perfecter: Kehl’S Micro Blur is a great new cream to minimize pores and also to get rid of those wrinkles. Its formula is a nature based concoction that utilizes lentil and bark extracts. In fact, changes to the skin can be easily noticed in as little as four weeks. While it is a very effective cream, it is advisable to use this as the last step of your skin care routine to produce the best possible results. At $35, it is a tad expensive, but we would say that it definitely worth the extra cost.

    L’Oreal Paris Youth Pore Vanisher:  This cream is specifically manufactured for reducing pore size and it definitely does a great job of it. It can be used for all skin tones and utilizes a multi-dimensional skin care approach that targets the surface of the pore, the area around it and the area within the pore. In this way it helps in shrinking the appearance of pores over time. A virtually flawless and smooth skin is the result. This is best used under makeup and you can be sure of seeing the results within a month.

    Glamglow PowerMud DualCleanse: This product offers a deep cleaning treatment which is very useful to remove the weekly build up of dirt, oil and extra make up. It is the perfect cleansing mechanism to cleanse out the pores and reduce their size. At the end of the day, you will have clean, soft skin and this positive effect will last for a long time to come. Of course, this is more of a proper mask unlike the other cream products we’ve reviewed. GlamGlow is also quite expensive and that is the only reason why it is lower down on our list. But for deep cleansing weekly skin nourishment, there is no better product other than this.

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